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Put the ball in the opponents forcefield.
When the ball has passes thru it, to the bottom. The player will earn a point.
So if the red player puts the ball in the blues forcefield, red will earn a point.

The player that gets the most points under 5 minutes (300 seconds) wins.


Red playerThe red player uses: 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D' to move and 'SPACE' to fire the ball.
Blue playerThe blue player uses: '🡅', '🡄', '🡇', '🡆' to move and 'SHIFT' to fire the ball.


The balls physics are challenging, to shoot it you need to look at that direction.
The longer you hold the you hold the shoot key, the harder you will shoot.
The ball will also get your momentum.

Players and the ball will travel slower in the forcefields.
If you are lucky you are able to save the ball.
If you pass thru the bottom of any forcefield you will respawn on the top of the screen.


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CosmoBoll_Linux-1.0.0-x64.zip 20 MB
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